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Apr 24, 2013 7:00am EDT
e-mail us. on facebook -- those are some comments on our facebook page this morning. jim in south carolina opposes the idea. caller: i was listening to wellstone about his viewpoint, the senator. host: senator wyden? caller: yes. he says you should not force companies to pay taxes, yet he was for the obama health care bill that forces people to pay taxes. i cannot recall everything he said, but it spoke of hypocrisy. i don't know. i did you are for it or against it, but you should be the same viewpoint and carry on the same kind of methodology. it should bethat paid because there should be an equal platform between internet businesses and brick-and-mortar businesses. there should not be the huge disadvantage. if people want all these government benefit programs and they cried about paying taxes, why should they fret? there should be no democrats saying they don't want the tax. host: this is the editorial section of usa today -- next to their opinion is one written by the vice president and deputy general counsel of government relations at ebay. ebay would like the exemption to be
Apr 18, 2013 7:00am EDT
opposite this morning -- -- cabralfford gifford has an op ed this morning. jim is a republican. what you think about what the senate did? we havehere in delaware plenty of gun laws. sure that is the case in a lot places in the country where somebody gets arrested with a gun crime, usually they are able to eliminate that. they do not prosecute for illegal guns. there are plenty of guns laws already. it is just a matter of having the prosecutors have in the nerve to enforce these laws. this is just another attempt by the federal government to disarm the people of the united states and it is not going to make any favorites. lot of this is a distraction from the economy and the fact they refuse to do anything to cut back on the sides of the government. host: are you a gun owner? caller: i do not own a gun but pretty much everyone else i know owns a gun. -- here ins castle new castle, a lot of people did not have guns. guns start leaking out towards this area. people are very open a round here about gun under ship. about gun ownership. are there any further regulations you would support o
Apr 21, 2013 7:00am EDT
america we welcome jim to the conversation from oklahoma. good morning. the gay crowd wants to push how they live on uni. they should be able to decide their own rules and the government should be completely out of it. just like the gay marriage thing. if they want to get married, fine. if a certain church doesn't want to marry them, then so be it. the government should stay out of the whole issue. that's it. host: part of the debate this week on what to do with the alleged bomber involved in the killing of three bostonians over this past week. the headline, republicans want the boston bombing suspect treated as an enemy combatants, sparking miranda debate. key republicans are calling on the obama administration to declare the 19-year-old suspect an enemy combatant subject to the loss of four, so intelligence officials can continue to interrogate him for as long as they deem necessary. authorities captured him in watertown, mass. friday evening. they are invoking the public .afety exception he remains hospitalized under sedation and remains unclear what kind of communication they ar
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3